Farel Ema Sophie Valter Cyril Gustaf Lars Wilma Klotho Fran

Age: 18
Height: 170cm
First Person: Ore ()
Sol Arm:
Single-handed Sword
Voiced By: Toriumi Kosuke (C_)

Farel was appointed by Wyle as the new leader of the Sol Triggers. He is exceptionally intelligent. It is said that he possesses the legendary "Golden Sol," however, it is unknown whether or not this is true. In order for the Golden Sol to awaken, Farel needed to open his heart and bond with another. But this unique power is solely dependant upon the wielder's emotional stability. Although the Golden Sol has the potential for good, if the user's emotional state is upset, then it can quickly transform into the Chaos Sol--a dark energy that could destroy everything.

Spoiler (Highlight to view): At the very end of Farel's chapter, Littora summons a gigantic beast that proseeds to slaughter everyone. Gustaf faces the monster and is the first to die. Soon after the rest of the girls and Valter are decimated. Farel, too, gets knocked to the ground and unable to do much else, he pleads to Littora to stop, but she just laughs and finishes everyone off. Having witnessed the brutal slaughter of his friends, Farel loses control and the Golden Sol transforms into the Chaos Sol with his rage and despair. He faces the monster with the last of his energy...alone.


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