First of all, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Rekka Alexiel and I currently live in Yokohama, Japan. I have been living in Japan since 2005, mostly in the Nagoya area. I just moved to Eastern Japan last year. I'm an avid RPG gamer who is always on the look-out for unique stories in games. I tend to avoid the mainstream, hyped-up titles. I love music, animation, and collecting animation artwork. Should anyone need to contact me, please E-mail me at the following...

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My Introduction to the Game

While rummaging around the various RPGs available for direct download via the PSN, I tried out this new game by JRPG. I downloaded the trial version and quickly got sucked into the story and the interesting characters. The trial version ended quite abruptly, which left me running my butt down to the nearest convenient store to purchase a pre-paid card for PSN credits in order to download the full version of this game. I could not be happier.

I am not all that familiar with games by JRPG. I purchased another PSP game by them last year to play on the flight to and from Japan for Christmas, but I never got very far in it...and ended up selling it at Book Off for extra cash. I don't even remember the name of it... But this game--something about it really struck me. As you can tell with the extra effort it takes to set up a Web site, I've really grown to love this game. :)

Although JRPG / imageepoch is a relatively small company, the game itself does not suffer one bit from this superficial stigma. One area, specifically, is the music. The number of sheer epic musical pieces in this game is astounding. One would think that such an unknown company would not be able to afford to have an excellent score made for their games, but this one is worthy of the excellent rank.

Of course, that could be saying too much high praise. lol For many, many years I thought a excellent game would enevitably make me cry. I don't typically cry for any reason, but if a story is really good or if I felt a strong attachment to any character, it could happen. In the past the only 3 RPGs that made me cry were... Xenogears/Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos, and Shadow Hearts 1 & 2 (ugh, that ending theme "Getsurenka" from SH2...gets me EVERY TIME!!!).

But now, either I have become a major softy or the story in games these days have gotten better, I seem to be crying much more over them. lol I sobbed several times during this game. I think the first was at the end of Farel's chapter and then multiple times throughout Lars' chapter, most especially the scenes that dealt with Farel/Ema (I let Farel choose Ema the first time around). At one point, I was playing for several hours and was starting to get tired, so I put my forehead down on a table with the PSP under it. During the said emotional scene, a couple tears actually fell on the PSP beneith. lol Lame, right? But I seriously enjoyed playing this game, even if it makes me cry. haha

Anyway, thanks for checking out my first fan site for anything in YEARS! It feels really nice to put all of this together, from scanning images, editing photos, and encoding the Web site...! It may be frustrating at times, but it is fun.

Please feel free to E-mail me about anything regarding the game or this Web site. :D

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