A brief introduction to the story.

In the year 740 in the Holy City of Kaizel Harld, citizens have fallen under the protective and controlling wing of the Church of the Machine and the teachings of the prophet Nahatgall. The church discovered that the "Children of Light" people who lived just out side of the city contain a massive amount of life energy (Sol energy) within their bodies. Eventually the church kidnaps a good majority of these people and put them in capsules in a factory, which would use their Sol energy to power the rest of the city. For many years the city of Kaizel Harld prospured as the Children of Light quietly suffered, their numbers quickly dwindling under the oppression of the Church.

Until a small group of the Children of Light retaliated, lead by a man named Wyle. This renagade force became known as the Sol Triggers. Together they attempted to fight back against the Church of the Machine and free as many of their own who had been caputured.

Life was very bleak for the remaining Children of Light people, who were almost constantly oppressed and hunted. Even those living within the holy city shuned and hated them because of the frequent skirmishes that would break out between the two sides. The only thing the common folk new was that the Sol Triggers were the ones who came into their city and started causing problems. The Church made sure that the true reasons were hidden, in order to "protect" the prosparity of the city.

And in the year 790, the struggle continues. In a decisive mission to destroy the Church's grand airship Rosh Kril, Wyle sacrifices himself to make sure the plan is a success. From that moment on, the leadership of the Sol Triggers is passed down to Farel, the one who is foretold to wield the legendary "Golden Sol". Hopefully he will succeed where others had failed in the past...

Only time will tell...

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