2012.11.18 - Haven't had much time to update much recently. Although, I just uploaded a couple more audio tracks to the music page. Check them out! :D

2012.11.06 - I've just uploaded a couple new pages for the Characters wing of the site. The design is basically done, I just need to update the information for all the characters. I also updated the Story page to include a brief description and a couple nice videos on YouTube.

2012.11.05 - I'm still working on the new coding for these pages, but I think I've got the design working well enough to start updating some pages. I accidently deleted what I had previously created of the music page, so I'll have to redo that page from scratch again. Grr! Anyway, if you come across any problems or anything with these pages, please just let me know and I'll correct it as soon as possible. Thanks!

UPDATE: I've just re-uploaded all the music, so they should be working fine. I have a couple more tracks that I recorded but have yet to upload them. Stay tuned for those! :D

2012.10.29 - Welcome to my tribute page for the lovely JRPG, SOL TRIGGER! The moment I finished playing through the game once, I wanted to put up a small fan site, but I've been without a working version of Dreamweaver for years. Whatever you see up here has been edited purely in HTML. So let's see if I remember a thing or two from the old days!

Thus far, I only have my small, unofficial soundtrack available right now. I recorded most of the music while going through Lars' storyline, so I'll see if there are any unique themes specifically for Farel's story this next time through. I've got his main battle and HQ themes uploaded, though. In the future, I hope to set up a story and character page, a page for various images from and about the game, as well as a page for useful links to related material. I will continue to build and add to this site in the days to come. If you have any questions or comments regarding this PSP title, please feel free to send me a note at the link below...!

UPDATE: I recorded two more themes from Farel's side of the story and tried to put them in a decent location on the soundtrack. Which means, I had to remove all the files, rename them and edit the file information, then reupload them all with the proper code. If you come across any errors anywhere, please let me know and I'll try to fix them ASAP. If I record any other themes, I'm not going to organize them within the already existing tracks. I'll put them at the end of the list, even if it's a bit disorganized. Let's see how long that'll last... heh

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